Atkins Low Carbohydrate Diet plan

Description / History:

A Low Carbohydrate Diet is based on reducing the amount of carbohydrates from the diet and emphasizes on adequate high quality protein, Moderate fat food. Hyperinsulinemia, A condition causing overweight results due to increased insulin levels in the blood. High carbohydrate diet leads to increased blood sugar which stimulates insulin production by pancreas, Insulin leads to deposition of fat in your body, albeit Low Carbohydrate Diet helps in keeping the insulin level in control and helps increase in the hormones called glucagons. Glucagon is the hormone, which helps in burning body fat and removing cholesterol from the deposits in the arteries, It is an essential and most significant part of low carbohydrate diet.


Considerable weight loss, Stabilized blood sugar, low blood pressure can be achieved by following low carbohydrate diet. Significant weight lose in less time can be achieved with low carbohydrate diet.


Osteoporosis, due to loss of calcium from body can be caused due to low carbohydrate diet. headache, constipation and diarrhea for few, depending on their existing health conditions can also be caused for those on low carbohydrate diet.

What you can eat?:

  • Dairy
  • Fish
  • Fruits


A low carbohydrate diet is about healthy eating which leads to controlled weight and also which helps in avoiding certain types of health condition.Low carbohydrate diet is good diet plan to follow.

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