Lemonade Diet plan

Description / History:

The Lemonade Diet has been around for almost 5 complete decades. It is the most convenient way to relax your digestive organ, along with salt-water flush; It successfully helps in cleansing Liver, Kidney, and Bowel. Lemonade diet stimulates healthy tissues and helps detoxifying the body.


People with addiction to drugs, caffeine, and sugar can be significantly benefited from a lemonade diet. A Lemonade diet is also a great reliever of joint problems, gastrointestinal disorders and also greatly helps in nutrient consumption from food. The Lemonade diet helps prevent mucus in the body.


Vomiting, Nausea, Diarrhea, Weight Loss, and Dehydration can be caused due to the Lemonade Diet. Lemonade diet lacks in Fiber, Nutrient and Minerals therefore it cannot be followed for long.


Lemonade diet is good for instant weight reduction but is quite risky for your health. This program shall not be followed for long. Always consult a doctor before following a diet plan.

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