Zone Diet

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The zone diet program is based on insulin control in supplement with fish oil to adjust amalgamation of arachidonic acid. The zone diet program doesn’t believe in following one extreme method of dieting. Zone diet, infact believes in balanced diet and thus includes all the essential carbohydrate, protein and fat in moderation. It emphasizes on good carbohydrates and suggests food containing vegetables and fruits for fiber, along with starchy food in moderate amount.


Zone diet was primarily constructed for weight reduction but it considerably prevents diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. It is also said to be promoting physical and mental health for those following zone diet.


Consumption of carbohydrates are fairly restricted in zone diet, and also it limits the intake of fiber. Children, adolescents, pregnant and lactating woman are recommended not to follow zone diet.


Reviews of zone diet are good. The fact that zone diet takes care of all the essential nutrients and does not stress on only one type of food intake, signifies that it is a good diet program.

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