Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

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The cabbage soup diet plan works on the principles of a low fat and high fiber diet. This diet is based on the belief that cabbage soup helps burn fat without any further increase in body fat. The cabbage diet plan is mostly followed for instant weight loss. The cabbage soup diet plan contains negligible calories. It is not used as long term weight loss solution but those who seek instant weight loss will sometimes go for the cabbage soup diet plan. It’s a 7 days diet program, with significant weight reduction in the end of the program.


The cabbage soup diet plan helps reduce weight instantly. It is used as one of the fastest ways to lose weight in just a week. One is allowed to consume as much cabbage soup as one needs during the cabbage soup diet plan, which helps one to satisfy hunger panks. Hunger panks are said to be the major cause of diet failures.


As a long-term weight loss program, the cabbage soup diet plan is not suitable. The cabbage soup diet does not provide enough nutrients and may cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies if prolonged for more then a week or two.

What's more, the cabbage soup diet plan can be very harmful to your health since it deprives you of the nutrition your body needs. Almost everyone going on this diet will gain the weight back as soon as they stop the diet. Anyone trying this diet should consult a doctor before.


As a short term weight loss program, the cabbage Soup Diet plan seems good for unsuspecting people, but it can be dangerous. It is definitely not a good long-term solution. One shall be extremely careful with the cabbage soup diet plan and shall not continue it for more then the specified period.

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