Raw Food Diet

Description / History:

The raw food diet is quite simple. It requires that you not eat anything that has been cooked or processed. Anything that has been cooked over 48 degrees Celsius can’t be consumed by the dieter and organic produce is preferred. The raw foodist can eat veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, unpasteurized dairy and eggs, but only if raw. Frozen foods are ok, but you can’t cook them.

The raw food diet first appeared when scientists began to claim that cooked food was harder to digest or even toxic to human beings. It is believed that raw food can prevent sickness and heal chronic diseases.


The raw foodist has a much higher intake of crucial enzymes found in raw fruits and veggies. A person who eats raw food has a better digestion, because the micro-organisms in the raw food create good bacteria in the intestinal track as well as stimulating the immune system. Eating raw food also elevates the intake in fruits and veggies, which is good for you. No scientific study has yet proven the true benefits of a raw food diet.


This diet is considered by some to be harsh and restrictive, but this is just a question of opinion. People eating raw food have to watch their nutrient intake very closely as they tend to lack some very crucial ones. Dietary supplements should be taken, and extra caution should also be taken for protein intake. It is also associated with low bone density, dental erosion and sometimes underweight. Not everyone who eats only raw food will encounter these problems, but some do. Watch out for some raw foods that are not suitable for heavy consumption (potatoes, buckwheat, kidney beans, kidney beans sprouts and rhubarb). Be careful when eating raw meats and raw fish: they should be fresh in order to prevent food born illnesses. Also, watch out for vitamin B12, iron and calcium deficiencies. Take supplements if needed. It is really important that you have a well balanced diet when eating raw food in order to have enough energy and nutrients to function properly and be healthy.

What you can eat?:

  • Dairy
  • Fish
  • Fruits
  • Red Meat
  • Vegetables


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