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High Fiber Diet includes fiber-rich food. A high fiber diet-rich meal is processed more slowly, which promotes earlier satisfaction, contains less calorie, fat and added sugars. Fiber is not a nutrient but has great significance towards a healthy diet, High Fiber Diet helps in moving food through the system more quickly.Both soluable and insoluable fiber obtained from variety of food products are included in high fiber diet. Dietary fibers are the best way to prevent obesity. Dietary fiber is generally obtained from plant foods, and consists of that portion of the plant, which is not digested by man. Regular functioning of the bouls can be attained with High Fiber Diet.


Lower blood cholesterol level, Regular functioning of the bowels is the benefit of high fiber diet, it also helps prevent Colon disease. Insoluble fibers are the fibers, which does not dissolve in water and thus prevents the growth of bacteria and the intestinal gas in high fiber diet.


One shall also consume other minerals and nutrients when following high fiber diet and just not restrict themselves to only fiber rich food as fiber has the tendency to bind some minerals such as calcium and zinc, Preventing absorption and use by body, and leading to deficiencies in such minerals can be the significant drawbacks in high fiber diet.


Weight reduction, Reduced risks of heart disease, Digestive disorders and Colon cancer, all can be prevented by adopting a high fiber diet. High fiber diet can be adopted without any fears of negative results. A dis-proportionate meal with only food rich in fiber will not produce good result until it is accompanied by well planned and balanced meal.

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