Mediterranean Diet

Description / History:

Mediterranean Diet is composed of diverse food types in Mediterranean region from North Africa, southern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean. The food basically comes from variety of plants. Mediterranean diet is much about eating habits of people in these regions. Most of the calories in Mediterranean diet contain mono saturated fats, which helps in keeping blood cholesterol under control.


People on Mediterranean diet had significant decreases in MSS (metabolic syndrome symptoms) and risk factors and improvements in good cholesterol.
Helps in reducing weight.


Not only the Mediterranean diet, to be able to benefit from this program one has to basically follow the Mediterranean life style, eg their exercising regime and physical activity. Mediterranean diet lacks in calcium and iron in very small amount, which can be corrected, if mediterranean diet is followed cautiously.


Diverse food types from different regions, providing essential nutrients and vitamins required for the healthy diet makes the mediterranean diet a healthy choice.

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